26 de nov de 2010

Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0 em versão Beta

A Nokia lançou recentemente no Nokia Labs, uma nova versão beta do Ovi Suite, com várias melhorias e correções, sincronia e downloads de mapas, ganho na estabilidade e sincronia com Ovi Music.

Veja o Chang Log completo:

A new Home view

  • Get quick access to your content and to sync
  • View recommended apps and games from Ovi Store
  • View recommended music from Ovi Music *
  • Receive notifications to update your phone software and to back up your phone
  • Connect to the internet without a fixed connection or WLAN

Introducing Ovi Music

  • Get full control of playback
  • Discover and download your favourites from the millions of tracks available on Ovi*
  • Drag music to and from your phone
  • Have access to your Ovi Music Unlimited account*
  • Get all the features you need in Nokia Ovi Suite - no need for a separate player

Other improvements

  • Experience the faster and simpler installation
  • Delete individual maps from your phone, download maps with greater reliability
  • Enjoy improvements to syncing and stability

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